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[Madden 21 ARIZONA Cardinals]Just one night!Strong eyebrows or injured,Heat or renewal Badler,Schroerdown City or departed by the team

2021-06-27 19:55:29 

  Beijing time on June 4th,Today, the NBA playoffs will continue.There will be 2 games today.It’s a very important game,The Pioneers team’s sixth game of the shower gold team,The Lakers’ sixth game of the Suns,Among them, the Lakers and the Trail team are both behind.If the ball will be eliminated.and so,Today, James, Lilad, etc.is very important,Leave or continue,Just in this game.


  The current injuries in the Lakers are still very serious.According to American media The Athletic reporter Shams Charania,Anthony Davis plans to participate in the 6th battle of today and the sun.According to ARIZONA Sports reporter John Gambadoro,The brother is expected to start at G6.The brother is 21 in the season.8 points 8 rebounds 3 assists 2 caps,Performance is still very excellent,Davis appeared in the second section of G4, inguinal straits,The fifth game after absent,At present, the Lakers 2 to 3 behind.Although the performance of the eyebrow brother who may be injured, it will not be so good.But he is affirmed by the help of the Lakers in the court.


  The Heat is eliminated by the Bucks in the first round of the playoffs.The Heat will face a problem that needs to be rebuilt this summer.When Home, Badler, there is a 2-year contract.And the last year has a player option,Many players such as Henry, Narn should also renew.Previously,According to the “Miami Pioneer” reporter Anthony Chiang reported thatBadler is expected to seek 4 years this year.US $ 8.1 billion renewed in advance.Report according to Miami Media “Five Reasons Sports Network”,The Heat has been prepared for Badler to provide a top payline in advance,That is, 4 years 1.8.1 billion US dollars.Badler has 21 this season’s regular field.5 points 6.9 rebounds 7.1 assists,The season after the season is 14.5 points 7.5 rebound 7 assists,See data,Butler is really not a level of super superstar.


  The lake team is currently behind the playoffs.If they are back, they are going out.And their problems still have a lot,The team seems to be exposed to the inner,The defender Schword is very low in a game.And it seems that he seems to leave the Lakers.today,Schroer updated the personal profile of his social media,He moved except for his own lake.Previously he refused the Lakers’s 4 years of $ 84 million in advance renewal contract,The Lakers also wanted to trading him.So it seems that their cooperation is limited to this season.Schroeded was 15 this season.4 points 5.8 assists 3.5 rebounds,The season is 13.2 points 3 rebounds 2.8 assists,He was also exploded by his opponent.So he is really aware of the help of the Lakers.He may leave the Lakers this summer.Looking for a bigger contract,The Lakers will also sign other defenders who are more suitable for James.


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