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[gta 4 remastered]Does GTA San Andreas need a definitive remaster ahead of GTA 4?

2021-10-06 02:27:38 

  One of the most exciting rumors that is currently doing the rounds on the internet is that the original GTA PS2 trilogy is being remastered for next-gen consoles. Considering how the GTA franchise is practically the pinnacle of AAA games that still sell incredibly well, one would assume that Rockstar Games might have already put out remasters.

  Remasters and remakes are regarded quite highly in the modern day as players enjoy going back to older games but with updated tech and visuals. Yet, Rockstar has kept its distance from remasters. However, that is about to change with the PS2 trilogy remasters.

  Strangely, while players can still play GTA San Andreas and the other two games in the trilogy on the PS4/Xbox One, they cannot do the same with GTA 4. This has led many to ask which of the two titles needs to be brought back first.


  Looking at how both games have aged – it is quite clear which of the two has had a better time in the public eye.

  GTA 4, for all its grit and realism, is one of the most ambitious titles in the series and is rightfully regarded as one of the best stories in the series. However, its wonky cover mechanics, less-than-stellar shooting experience and overall control scheme does leave a lot to be desired.

  GTA 4 is in a weird position where it is an old game, but not necessarily too old. This is why its controls, visuals, and overall feel can often like a bit of a let-down.

  San Andreas, on the other hand, feels as dated as it should. In some ways, its lack of nuance when it comes to controls only adds to the experience by ramping up the nostalgia factor quite a bit.


  One of the biggest criticisms lobbed at Rockstar is the fact that even though players can play much older titles like The Warriors on their PS4, Grand Theft Auto 4 is notoriously absent.

  One of the major reasons behind this could be the fact that Rockstar are reserving the game for a full remaster instead of simply porting it over.

  Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, recently said that Rockstar does not do simple ports but makes meaningful improvements in remasters. Thus, GTA 4 would be the perfect candidate for a remaster, as a large chunk of players might want to play the game today but are put off by its age.

  Having said that, does it need to take precedence over GTA San Andreas?

  While ultimately, fans would love nothing more than to see an older version of Los Santos with updated graphics, it might lose a lot of its charm. The fact that San Andreas can exist alongside modern games and not have its age affect the quality is testament to just how well-made it is.

  GTA 4 is perhaps the most underappreciated title in the series and is one that a lot of fans might not have tried yet, making it the perfect candidate for a future remaster.

  Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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