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[Hitman 3 XBox Series X]Xbox Series X Style Refrigerator Multi-Angle Diagram Announcement Display Various Details

2021-06-25 15:41:51 

  At this year’s E3 2021 Xbox published final,Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X modeling mini refrigerator will be launched.Will be sold in Christmas holidays in 2021.Recently, the official announced more pictures of this mini fridge.The refrigerator has a capacity that can be placed in 10 cans of aluminum can.With green, it makes it full of host elements.

  The Xbox Series X host introduced by Microsoft,In the beginning of the publication,There have been many players to react the shape as a refrigerator.Therefore, the official also complies with trends.In the early days of the host,Cooperate with digital YouTuber,Create a real Xbox Series X refrigerator and make them out of order.

  then,Due to the “#bestoftweets” held in Twitter, Xbox is winning,Also let Microsoft’s Xbox Marketing Department General Manager Aaron Greenberg decided to achieve commitment,Launched the host modeling refrigerator.