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[Empires & Puzzles]Empires & Puzzles New Mythic Titans Event Begins Today

2021-08-21 01:45:46 


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  Empires & Puzzles New Mythic Titans Event Begins Today

  By Jon Bitner

  Published Dec 29, 2020


  The event introduces five new titans to the match 3-puzzler, but it will only run for three days.


  Today marks the start of the Mythic Titans event in Empires & Puzzles. The limited-time event will run for three days and introduces five new titans to the match-3 puzzler.


  This is the first-time the community will be “competing against one another individually as players and as alliances to battle the same threat simultaneously.” Several exclusive rewards are up for grabs, too, including gems, emblems, and crafting materials for those who come out victorious.

  ”We’re really excited to introduce our newest event to Empires & Puzzles,” said Jose Saarniniemi, CEO of Small Giant Games. “These new Mythic Titans are not to be underestimated as each comes with its own unique offensive and defensive capabilities.” In order to best them, you’ll need to develop new strategies that can counter their various strengths.

  The all-new Mythic Titans Event has just started!

  Do not miss your chance to work together and compete against other Alliances to bring down these mighty beasts!

   Play now: https://t.co/OrkO9zEsQP pic.twitter.com/KzYnTHa5vy

  — Empires & Puzzles (@EmpiresPuzzles) December 29, 2020

  Empires & Puzzles is a popular match-3 game – one that even managed to earn an Editors’ Choice Award on Google Play. Small Giant Games, the studio behind the title, is a subsidiary of Zynga, so it should come as no surprise that the casual game has an impressive following of players. As the Mythic Titans event is scheduled to run for the next three days, it’ll likely be the final event of 2020. There’s also a Winter Fun! Event that ends on December 31, so now is a great time to check out the puzzle-solving action.


  Empires & Puzzles is available for free on iOS and Android.

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