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[plant nanny 2 creatures]Veronica Exposed Crazy StreetFest Memories From the Past Years

2021-08-12 04:53:54 

  We all have fond memories of KLAQ's Downtown StreetFest that make us smile when we flashback to previous concerts. When I flashback I can't help but also laugh reflecting back at past StreetFests. I have been attending StreetFest since 2005 and enjoyed every single show.

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  Friends of mine knew every year I would get a hotel room at the formerly Camino Real now Hotel Paso Del Norte for StreetFest. It would be the before, during, and after room for drinks, snacks, and cool off. My friends and I did some pretty silly things such as Brad Paisley sings in his “Alcohol” song.

  One of us had the lampshade over one of our heads which you can hear in the song at 2:28, below.

  Since we're presenting you Flashback Fourth during Independence Day weekend, I thought I would share a flashback of mine with you. Below you can see a photo gallery of my StreetFest memories from previous years.

  KLAQ's StreetFest was always such a blast to go with family or friends. You will even see it in the evidence featured below. There have been a ton of bands that made StreetFest memorable that we had to relive those times again.

  This Flashback Fourth is focusing on the bands that have performed at the Downtown Street Festival. But feel free to get a laugh out of my personal stash of StreetFest pictures, below.